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Mammotome Breast Biopsy  -   Written for an Article in “Healthlink”

The Mammotome Breast Biopsy System has revolutionized the way physicians can obtain tissue from a breast lesion for histological diagnosis. In the past most patients would require an “open” excision biopsy, which is largely performed under general anesthesia. This invariably results in an unsightly scar on the breast. Besides the obvious cosmetic benefits, there are many other advantages to this procedure:

  1. It is performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient clinic setting, reducing hassle for the patient, as well as time spent within the hospital.

  2. The lesion, either a lump or a cluster of microcalcifications, is monitored during the procedure and the progress of the biopsy can be followed.

  3. For small lumps (<1.2 cm in diameter), the mammotome system can excise the lump.

  4. It is highly accurate in the diagnosis of breast lumps and microcalcification clusters seen on the mammogram.

  5. Excellent cosmetic results. This is particularly important for young woman who have developed multiple bilateral breast lumps.

  6. Minimal post procedure discomfort and low incidence of side effects.

Some Brief Questions

1. How widely used is this new system?

The system is widely used in the United States where it was first introduced a few years ago. It was introduced in Singapore in 1999 and is available both in restructured and private hospitals, as well as clinics.

2. How long is the procedure?

The duration is approximately 15 to 30 minutes.


3. What are the necessary preparations prior to the procedure?

The preparations are very simple: A light meal before would be a good idea. There is no need to fast.

4. What age group is the procedure targeted at?

Woman of all ages are suitable to undergo this procedure.

5. Generally, how do patients who have undergone the biopsy feel?

Patients are generally delighted for several reasons:

a) The procedure is relatively painfree. It is slightly painful (akin to a pinprick) during the administration of the local anesthetic; the area is thus      rendered numb before the procedure commences.

b) Patients feel well after the procedure and are immediately able to return home. 

c) The excellent cosmetic results.

6. Can patients resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure?

Because of the biopsy cavity in the breast, I advise my patients to confine themselves to light activities for about 1 week, i.e. no strenuous physical exercises.

Painless Breast Biopsy

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