Chemotherapy, Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast - "Early Detection Saves Lives"  (see Article)

  1. Routine Breast Screening for women above 40 years

    Clinical breast examination, ultrasound scan and mammogram.

  2. Breast Lumps (see Article)

    Comprehensive assessment for women with breast lumps including ultrasound scan

  3. Breast Cysts

    Fine Needle Aspiration of breast cysts under ultrasound scan.

  4. Breast Lumps - Biopsy Methods

    a) Fine Needle Aspiration under ultrasound guidance

    b) Core Needle Biopsy under ultrasound guidance

    c) Excision Biopsy of breast lumps under local or general anaesthesia

  5. Microcalcifications Detected on Mammogram

    a) Mammotome Biopsy under local anaesthesia (see Article)

    b) Wire Localization Biopsy under general anaesthesia

  6. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy (see 7 also)

    For women with large breast tumours with or without skin involvement. Referral to medical oncologist for chemotherapy to shrink the cancer before surgery.

  7. Breast Cancer Treatment

    a) Assessment of the extent and severity of the cancer (staging and grading)

    b) Consultation on treatment options (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy)

    Fine Needle Aspiration

  8. Breast Cancer Surgery

    1) The choice is between breast saving surgery (Lumpectomy or Wide Excision) and breast removal surgery (Mastectomy). Some      women may opt for breast reconstruction after Mastectomy. The current trend is to perform a Skin Sparing Mastectomy with      Immediate Reconstruction.

    2) Axillary/Armpit Lymph Gland surgery for Breast Cancer. This is an integral part of the breast cancer surgery. There are two      options:

              a)  Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, using blue dye and/or radioactive dye,can be used under certain criteria to selectively biopsy the                 main axillary glands/nodes instead of total removal of axillary lymph glands/nodes.

              b)  Axillary Lymph Gland Dissection ( total removal) when sentinel node biopsy is contraindicated. (see Article)

  9. Elderly Breast Cancer

    Hormonal Therapy using anti-hormone drugs such as Tamoxifen, Arimidex or Femara, especially for elderly (> 75 years old) women with breast cancer who are not fit for surgery.

  10. Breast Pain

    Management and assessment of patients with troublesome breast pain

  11. Nipple Discharge

    Management of women with nipple discharge including surgical treatment (Microdochectomy, Hadfield’s operation), if necessary.       

  12. Breast Feeding Problems

    Management of breast problems during breast feeding such as breast engorgement, mastitis, blocked ducts, nipple cracks, breast infections.

  13. Risk Assessment Clinic

    For women who are at higher risk for breast cancer such as family history or abnormal breast biopsy.

  14. Inverted Nipple and Accessory Breasts

    Surgery for these uncommon breast problems.

  15. Men With Breast Lumps or Breast Swelling (Gynaecomastia)

    Men who present with breast swelling called Gynaecomastia need careful assessment to exclude an underlying hormonal problem. Men can also suffer from breast cancer  (see Article).

Breast Screening in Singapore

General Surgery

Thyroid Lumps and Thyroid Cancer

Assessment of Thyroid lumps including ultrasound scan and fine needle aspiration under ultrasound guidance. All types of thyroid surgery for Nodules, Cancer and Toxic Goitres.

Head & Neck Lumps

Management of swollen lymph glands in the neck (Cervical nodes) including ultrasound scan, needle biopsy and excision biopsy.

Management of salivary glands obstruction and swelling including surgery.

Treatment of Gallstones and Polyps

1) Endoscopic Assessment for abdominal pain

2) Removal of gallbladder and gallstones using minimally invasive  surgery (Laparoscopic Choleycycstectomy)

3) Laparotomy for complicated gallstone problems such as Bile Duct Obstruction

Perianal Problems

1) Management of Haemorrhoids or Piles including Ligation of Piles in clinic, Longo or Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy

2) Treatment for Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula and Perianal Abscess


1) Mesh Repair for Inguinal Hernia, Umbilical and Incisional Hernia

2) Treatment for phimosis (Circumcision in clinic or hospital) and scrotal swellings (Aspiration or Jaboulay’ Operation)

Abdominal Surgery

1) Laparoscopic or Open Appendicectomy

2) Intestinal Obstruction

3) Surgery for Intestinal Cancers (Gastrectomy. Colectomy)

Lumps and Bumps

Excision of skin lumps (Sebaceous cysts), fat lumps (Lipomas), skin moles, lymph nodes. Removal is usually performed under local anaesthesia in the clinic.

Varicose Veins

1) Injection Sclerotherapy  for spider veins

2) Stripping of Varicose Veins

Mammogram in Singapore
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